Live Every Day Like it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Captain Scarlett and Unnamed Crew

September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The day was founded by John Bauer, Ol’ Chumbucket, and Mark Summers, Cap’n Slappy as a joke in 1995. The concept was conceived on June 6, however, in deference of the anniversary of D-Day, the holiday was regulated to Summers’ ex-wife’s birthday. Humorist, With a little promotion from humorist, Dave Barry Talk Like a Pirate Day gained traction. The founders also promoted the pirate-like concept of no trademarks and no restrictions which have allowed Talk Like a Pirate Day to grow beyond a registered trademark on an overpriced t-shirt.

The Pirate Accent

The romanticized pirate dialect found in all pirate movies is a derivative of the West Cornish accent. The pirate staple of, “ Arrgh” or “Yarrgh” means yes or affirmative in that area of England. The Cornish people were Fishermen by trade and sometimes smugglers by necessity. This lead to the people of Cornwall sometimes moving into the pirate trade. The pirate dialect was given life on the screen by actor, Robert Newton of Dorset who played Long John Silver in the Disney classic, Treasure Island, 1950.

Talking the Talk vs. Walking the Walk

What about the rest of the year, can you live like a pirate beyond just talking like one for a day? Full discourse I am a bit of a pirate. I am a member of the Scarlet Mauraders Crew, The Crew of Tew, and The Leviathan. Pirate crews are found all around the world with people from all walks of life. The crews raise money for charity and have been known to celebrate life with a libation. My wife is Captain Scarlett, I am simply the nameless crew. We have been pirating for over a decade, wearing garb, going to pirate gatherings, pub crawls, and even pirate weddings. I rarely talk like a pirate, pillage, or plunder, but I do think like a pirate. Adopting pirate philosophy can get you through just about anything. The rules are simple because there are no rules only a few basic guidelines that are always subject to modification depending on the situation and the crew.

Pirate Philosophy

  • Enjoy life with your crew.
  • Discover your own personal oasis of no judgment and raise a tankard.
  • Memento Mori, we all will die.
  • Question and oppose the crown.
  • Stand, never kneel.
  • Individual freedom is the only real treasure that can be truly possessed.

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Keep yer colors high an’ yer tankard higher! To freedom an’ fair seas for all!

That was me, that is Alex, a recovering educator, writing about how to live a good life. B.S. Psychology, M.Ed. Special Education, Ed.D. Educational Leadership.

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