Another Leaving Social Media Story…

I turned off FaceBook. It will be a while before anyone notices.

An unremarkable sunrise October 16, 2020, Taken by the author

There are a lot of these stories…10 Reasons to Close Your Social Media Account…I Left Social Media and Learned 3 Foreign Languages…How I Deactivated Facebook and Found the Meaning of Life… This is not one of those.

Before I deactivated my Facebook account last night I had already clicked the button that stopped me from seeing posts from about 80% of my “friends.” I only posted images of me having a wonderful time to let anyone who knew me in high school see that I did manage to have a good career and retain my hair. Deactivating was more of a whim like getting rid of something that I have not used and is taking up space, mostly in my head. I also did not need anything else to mindlessly scroll through. Medium fills that need for me at this point.

This morning I found out a friend died.

I found out about her death the old-fashioned way, through individual personal contact. Someone thought enough of me to send a text to let me know of the sad news. I did not have to read about it on social media, I know that it is there and that is a good thing. She was a lovely person and has many friends and family who are sharing her memory and missing her today as I am.

Two Deer, one as surprised as I was this morning

I went outside this morning to look at the sunrise which she would never have a chance to see. There were two deer in my yard which I rarely see so I took it as a good sign that my friend is happy. She was nice to everyone regardless of how rotten they were which included me, she once was my administrative assistant. I will always be grateful for knowing her.

I wouldn’t have posted any of this on social media if I still had it. I would have looked at the tributes to her and photographs and I would miss her. I have contacted a few friends that I have not spoken to in some time, sharing pictures and funeral arrangements individually. Retail instead of wholesale.

There is no lesson here, just some things that happened. I guess I just wanted to share a passing with some friends. Facebook is no longer an option. Take care of yourself, your family, and your friends.

Goodbye, my friend, I hope I see you sometime later.

That was me, that is Alex, a recovering educator, writing about how to live a good life. B.S. Psychology, M.Ed. Special Education, Ed.D. Educational Leadership.

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